What to look for in your new Store Site

All of your pages, photos, copy and links were moved over from your Community Site to the new Store Site, but you need to check them and confirm that everything was migrated successfully:


Step 1

Locate and compare your current and new site

Find your current site here: http://www.signarama.com/store/locator

Find your new site here: http://www.signarama.com/stores

Look at your address and contact information on the Google map display and the page and confirm they are correct.


Step 2

Check your basic information at the top right corner, and compare with your address information.


Step 3

Check Menu on the left under MYSIGNARAMA. Make sure you have all your pages and sections.


Step 4

Check Local Projects and Photos Look under each section and make sure your text moved over. Click on each and make sure everything looks OK.


Step 5

Send yourself artwork using the link on the page. It will go to the email address we had on file with your old site.


Step 6

Use the Contact Us and Request a Quote page and fill these out to make sure they go to you. It will go to the email address we had on file with your old site.


Step 7

Report back to help@signarama.com if you find any major differences in your site. You will be given access to modify your own site, photos, text and more after you receive training. You can see the training schedule HERE and you will receive management abilities by May 24th.


Step 8

  • Login to your Store Site at the previously provided /manage links (If you have not received access to your Store Site, please send a request with your location information to help@signarama.com)
  • Select Payment Settings under the Ecommerce tab
  • Check the applicable payment options for your store:
    • On Account: Adds P.O. option
    • Credit Card: Adds option for CC checkout (PayPal or Authorize
    • Pay on Collection: Adds the pay in store option

Step 9

  • Select Sales Taxes under the Ecommerce tab
    • Select your state from the dropdown menu

Step 10

  • Select Managers under the General Settings tab
    • Make sure your account is checked for receiving orders.