Text Attributes

Text attributes feature allows adding attribute fields to custom products that require entering text inforamtion, for example: a field to add Name and Phone number to a Business Card type product.

Log In to your website. 

Step 1: From the Home page, click ‘Products’ then 'Attribute Groups'.


Step 2: Click the "Text Field Attribute" Tab.



Step 3: Click on New Text Field. The button is located at the top right side of the page.


Step 4: Enter the title of the text field attribute, details and pricing information (if applicable).

Step 5: You can now see the new text field attribute in the Text Field Attribute list. From here you can edit or deletethe text field attribute.


Step 6: From the toolbar click “ Products then ‘Find a Product’. Find the product that you want to apply the text field attribute to. Click on the product to edit.


Step 7: Click on "Edit Product Details."


Step 8: Click the ‘Pricing tab.


Step 9: Select ‘Text Fields’.


Step 10: Select the text field attribute and click "Select."


Step 11: Check the box Publish to Website and Click "Check/Save Product."


Step 12: Your Text Attribute is now live on the product. Customers can now can text when checking out on the website.


Video Tutorial

Video below shows how to add these attributes when creating a new product: