Overall Style and Layout Settings

The General Settings screen gives you the ability to make changes or edits to the overall style of the website. It is here that you can change content on the pages included in the SAR website template (Local Projects, Specials, Map, Learning Center, About Us, Banners, left navigation, select product pages, My Signarama Tab, Facebook and Store Picture, etc.) for your site.

1. Overall Layout:

To edit any of the pages or areas that are included in the overall layout of the site, select Settings from the General tab.

A. Editing contents and layout

  • Find the page or section that you would like to edit. Select Edit located to the right of the Page and Module Type.
  • A Reset link will appear to the right of Edit once you have made edits to that section. To return the section to its original content before changes were made, click Reset.

B. Text

  • You can add text to the page by clicking where you want the text to be, then type or paste plain text only (text copied from MS Word or other word precossors might contain HTML breaking code). You can bold, highlight, and change text size and color by selecting the icons located on the toolbar.
  • Click Save to save changes.

C. Images: There are two ways to add images.

  • Copy and paste the image. Select image that you want to copy and then paste. Check the box located in the lower left to upload the image to the website’s image folder. Click Save.
  • Select the image icon from the toolbar.

  • Browse server, choose file and upload to server.

  • Select file from server by clicking on the blue link file name.

There are 2 options for sizing the image:

  • Option 1: Type in the width and then the height will automatically adjust giving the optimal image quality.
  • Option 2: Click the lock icon located to the right of width and height and input your own custom image dimensions.
  • Click OK to add the image.
  • Click Save to save image and edits.

D. Editing Left Navigation

  • Select Overall Layout from the Style drop down.
  • Locate the Left Nav. Z Menu from the list and click Edit.
  • Enter a Title – Optional
  • From the Bookmark drop down, Select page, category, product, heading or web address and click insert.
  • The added section will appear in the right column.
    • To change display order - Click on and drag section to the order in which you want it to be displayed.
    • To create a sub section (place within another section) Click and drag section below and to the right of the area that you want it to appear under.
    • To delete section from the left navigation menu, click on the red X next to the section you want to remove.
    • Click Save to save changes and edits.

E. Editing Storefront image on website header

  • Select Overall Layout from the Style drop down.
  • Locate Other Setting area at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Choose File, select file from your computer.
  • Click Upload.