Special Features

There are several special features that you have the ability to add to your website.

A. Flickr Gallery

  • SIGNARAMA.com utilizes a shared Flickr account that can be used by individual stores to pull specific images by product or location keywords. 
    • Use the following Flickr ID: 79805220@N08
    • Enter keywords that apply to the images you would like to feature. Ex: tradeshow display, west palm peach
    • You can submit your project photos to the shared SIGNARAMA account on this link.
  • Identify your Flickr user id as this is not your screen name.
  • The easiest way to find your Flickr ID is to visit http://idgettr.com/ and copy the web address of your Flickr account into the field as shown below.

  • From the Management area of your website, Select My Pages from the Pages dropdown.
  • Find the page that you want to add the Flickr gallery to.
  • Select Contents
  • Choose Flickr Gallery from the module drop down options at the top left.
  • Insert the Flickr module.

  • In the Edit screen, add your User ID to the field shown below. You can also choose to only show photos with a particular tag, i.e. promotional products. Leave this field blank and the gallery will show all of you images. The Gallery Title will show as a caption on your photos.

  • Save Changes, and then drag and drop the module into your preferred location on the page.

  • Click on Publish at the top right of the screen to make you gallery live on your website.


B. Tabs

  • Select My Pages from the Pages drop down.
  • Find the page that you want to add the tabs feature to.
  • Click Contents to edit that Page.
  • Choose the Tabs module from the drop down located at the top left of the screen.
  • Click on the plus next to the title of the modules that you want to include as tabs on the page.

  • Click Save
  • Click Publish to make your edits live on the website.


A. Social Media Connectors (Footer Bar)

You can add custom social media links to your store site by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Website Management Console (signarama.com/your-store-name/manage)
  • Go to  Settings>Default Pages page
  • Under Modules tab, search for Footer Social Media Connectors and click Edit
  • Add links to your social media portals, one link per line and include the full URL of the site (include the http://www. where applicable)
    • Ex: http://www.facebook.com/store-name
    • Ex: http://plus.google.com/+signarama