Home and Store Setup

1. General Settings

2. Contact Details

3. Managers

4. Ecommerce

PayPal Setup

5. Google Analytics


1. General Settings:

You will want to make sure that everything is entered correctly in the General Setting section of your website. Click the blue link next to General Setting to verify website information and make edits.

A. Website Attributes - this area located at the top of the screen, gives you the ability to make the following changes (indicated in bold):

  • Site Title – Store Site title that appears in the header.
    • Recommended title: Store name/Location | Sign Products | Signarama
    • Example: Murrieta, CA | Signs, Banners & Vehicle Graphics | Signarama
  • Meta Description – This is where you can enter a couple sentences describing what the site is about.
  • Meta Keywords – Keywords for search engines when not overridden by product or category keywords.



B. Products and Pricing – You have the ability to edit the following areas that are indicated in bold.

  • Show Prices – If this box is checked then you are able to show prices on your website
  • Change Price Margin – You have the ability to change the price margin by + or - 30%. This will apply to all products on website.
  • Lead Times – Number of days added to supplier’s lead times.

Note: Click Save, located at the top right corner of the General settings page to save any changes or edits you have made.


2. Contact Details:

You are able to edit and make changes to the Franchisee email, noreply email, phone, fax and social media portals (these appear in the store locator page). Type edits into the text fields. Save Changes, located in the top right corner of the Contact Detail page.


3. Managers:

You are able to add users and designate what each user has the ability to view and edit on the back end of the website. For example, those users designated as managers will be able to make changes to the content, layout and settings of the website.

A. Adding Managers

  • To add additional managers to your Store Site, follow this link and enter the manager's information:
    • Company Name: Store name (as it appears in the website's header)
    • Company Reg. Number: Company name if the manager belong to vendor or service provider.
    • Company Address
    • Town/City
    • ZIP Code
    • Telephone
    • Title: Manager's role in the store.
    • Name
    • Email Address: This address will be used as the Username to the account.
  • Once the manager is registered, email help@signarama.com with your addition request and role assignment.

B. Manager, Inquires and Ecommerce

Check the box next to the name of the user to enable access to that area of the website.

  • Manage – Users are allowed access to the website Management area.

  • Inquires – Users receive e-mails when an inquiry is placed.

  • E-commerce – Users receive e-mails when an order is placed.

  • Uploads - Users receive e-mails when files are uploaded.

C.Click Save to save changes.


4. Ecommerce:

Click on the blue link to enter your e-commerce information for your website. You can also access the Ecommerce screen by selecting General Settings or Payment settings from the Ecommerce drop down menu located on the navigation tool bar.

A. Cart Settings

  • Artwork Upload – Check the box to include artwork upload on the cart. This will allow customers to upload custom artwork to be included in their order when they are checking out.

B. Payment Settings

Payment Method – check the payment method you want to offer customers.

  • Upon selection of Credit Card, the Payment Settings window will expand to prompt you to fill out Country and Credit card Provider. You have the choice of Paypal or Authorize.net


  • Select PayPal or Authorize.net – an additional window will populate upon selection for you to enter your merchant provider details.
    • To signup for a PayPal account, please contact Jim Hakes: 402-517-4658
    • To set up Auto Return:
    • Log in and click the Profile subtab under My Account.
    • Click the Website Payment Preferences link under Selling Preferences.
    • Click the On radio button to enable Auto Return.
    • Enter the Return URL. Note: You must meet the Return URL requirements in order to set up Auto Return. Learn more about Return URL.
    • For more information about Auto Return, please refer to the Auto Return section of the Website Payments Standard Integration Guide


    • Enter Login ID and Transaction Code for your merchant provider account.
    • Select Live for both Transaction Server and Transaction Mode
    • Transaction Method – choose authorization or capture.
      • Authorization method allows the review of the order before capturing payment. This is done on the PayPal.com or Authorize.net website and NOT on signarama.com's menu.
      • Capture method transfers payment to you PayPal or Bank account immediatly upon order placement.

NOTE: The previous SIGNARAMA platform utilized Authorization only, meaning that you would manually grab and capture the order being placed. If you select Capture it will automatically do this for you.

  • Country – use the dropdown to select country
  • Cart Format – to allow customers to add product one at a time or multiple products at a time to cart, select the desired radio button.
  • Format - If there is more than one attribute group, the radio button next to Checkbox needs to be selected.



5. Google Analytics:

To track your Store Site's traffic you use the following tool:

  • Google Analytics – Create a Google Analytics account and enter the unique ID # into the corresponding field.
  • Webmaster Tools Verification – Create a Google Webmaster Tools account an enter the unique META tag her to veridy the account.
  • Webmaster Tools Sitemap – This field shows the unique sitemap file location as it applies to your Store Site's address.