You can add new pages and edit existing pages on your Store Site.

  • Navigate to the Content tab and find the Pages line. Clicking it will open the Pages list, while the "+" will create a new page.


My Pages

This will show you a list of all the pages on your store. You have the option to edit the attributes and contents of each page you have created as well as link and delete them if you wish.

  • To Search for a Page
    • Type the page title into the search box, located at the top left of the screen.
    • Click Search.
  • Add a New Page
    • You can add a page by clicking Add New Page, located at the top right corner of the My Pages screen


You are able to make the following edits on each page within your site:

Edit attributes

  • Click Attributes. Here you can change page and menu titles, page URL, add Meta Keywords and Descriptions and even Password protect a page if you wish. Make any changes you require.

  • Click Save Changes in the top left of the screen to apply the changes you have made.

Editing Layout and Contents

  • Here you can edit what actually appears on the pages displayed on your STORE.

  • There are two ways to edit the content of a page that you have created:

    • From My Pages screen, search for page, and select Contents button.

    • From the Page Attributes screen, select Edit Layout & Contents button, located at the top left of the screen.

  • Once you are at the edit screen for the page:

    • Click the pencil icon to edit the module

    • Make Changes

    • Click Save

    • Note: you can add, hide and delete modules. Please refer to the Modules section



Add a New Page

  • Select Add a Page from the Pages dropdown, located on the toolbar.
  • Type in Page Title in the text field.
  • Type in Menu Title in the text field.
  • Page URL-
  • Enter Meta Description and Keywords in appropriate fields: Text describing page contents and offerings.
  • Password Protect: Enter a password to protect a page. Leave blank otherwise
  • Check Hide right column.
  • Select Save and Reload OR Add new page.

Once you have saved the page that you added, it will be added to the list of pages under My Pages. You then can edit the contents and attributes of this new page.



Posts allow you to share information with customers visiting your website, such as thoughts, opinions, news worthy and current events, testimonials, etc.

  • Post History/Activity – Here you can view all posts that have been created, published, deleted, archived or drafts.
    • From the Pages drop down, select Posts

  • Sort Post by Category/Status
    • Select Post category (All, Published and Pending, Archived, Draft or Deleted) from the dropdown (labeled Show). This dropdown is located at the top left of the screen
    • The Post Title is displayed in the left column.
    • The Post Status/Category is listed in the middle column.

  • Edit Posts
    • To edit post details, click Edit located in the far right column.
  • Adding a Post – You can add/create a post two ways. Click Add New Post, located at the top of right of the Posts page. OR
    • Select Add a Post from the Pages drop down menu.
    • Select Status
    • Enter Post Title
    • Enter unique URL reference text
    • Select publish date by clicking into field and choosing date from the pop up calendar.
    • Enter an excerpt that you would like to display under the Post Title (a caption summarizing post contents).
    • Click in the Post text box and type post/blog.
    • Click Save

Note: The newly added post will be listed on your Post page within the management section of your website. The next step is to display the post on the website for customers to see.

  • Displaying Posts – A post will NOT be visible to your website customers unless it is added to a page on your website
    • Select the Page from My Pages or Overall Layout
    • Click edit contents
    • Select the Post module from the module drop down, located at the top left of the page.
    • Click Insert.


  • The Post Module edit area will open.
  • Enter the number of posts you want to display.
  • Click Save.
  • Select Publish to make changes live on your website.