General Tab

The General tab provides options and menus for managing the Store Site and changing core elements within the following options:

  • General Settings – Here you can edit website attributes including;  and re-pointing the site to another domain. (Refer to Section II Home/General Settings)
    • Website Attributes: Edit the Site name, Site title, adding Meta description, meta keywords to the main site and also adding favicons
    • Products & Pricing: Turn on/off Pricing display and change the Lead Time.
    • Users: Turn on/off Inquiries system and user registration.
  • Default Pages – A special editing interface for locked module pages, like the navigation menus (left and top), map page, plus all product pages under Local Projects.
  • Managers – Here you can specify who on your team will receive inquiry and order email notices as well as access the manage/editing section of your site.
  • Contact Details – Here You can change your Owner, Social Media and Contact details.
  • Third Party Settings – Here you can link your site to Google Analytics and other custom scripts.
  • Changelog – A log sheet for all the activity on your Store Site. Tracks changes by staff and vendors.