Banners and Campaigns

You have the ability to add and display custom banners on your website. There are two areas in which Banners and Campaigns can be displayed:

  • In the overall layout header of the website (Top Banners - Store Site)
  • On any newly created page of the website


Adding Banners and Campaigns.

From the Toolbar, located at the top of the page, hover over “Banners” and select “Add a Banner.”

Fill out the information pertaining to the banner being added:

  • Reference/Text Alternative - This is the title or reference information pertaining to the banner being added.
  • Link To - Select from the dropdown where you want your banner to link to. For example, Category, Product, Page, or Web Address.
  • Open In - Choose whether or not you want your banner to keep visitors in the same window (stay in your site) or take visitors to a new window (direct them to an outside site).
  • Display from - This refers to the time period in which you want your banner displayed. You can enter a date, next week, today, etc. in this field.
  • Expires – This refers to when you want your banner to end/stop being displayed. You can enter a date or never in this field.
  • Image - Select the image you want displayed as a banner. You can upload an image here


  • Once all the required information is filled out click Save Changes.
  • If you have several banners that you want to add, you can click Save and Reload this will allow you to save each banner entry and stay on the same page so you can keep adding banners.


Editing Existing Banners

  • Select My Banners from the Banners drop down, located on the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • You will be able to view all banners that have been uploaded. This includes banners that are templates as well as any new, custom banners that you have added.
  • To edit a custom banner that you have added, select Edit, located to the left of the banner image thumbnail.
    • Note: You can't edit or delete corporate banners and master banner campaigns.
  • Select Save Changes to save your edits.



Top Banners - Store Sites

Top Banners - Store Sites refer to the banners that appear at the top of the overall layout pages (prepopulated pages found in Settings page located under the General dropdown).

  • Changing and Editing Top Banners
    • Select Settings from the General drop down tab.
    • Locate Top Banners (bottom of the screen) and click Edit (located to the right).
    • To set scrolling banners, show 1, Select 1 Per Row, select Fade or Slide and enter the number of seconds (5) to display banners before changing images.
    • Select the Banner you want to add from the Banners dropdown and click Insert.
    • To delete a banner, click the red x located to the left of the banner name.
    • Click Save to save your changes/edits



Adding Banners to Custom Pages

  • Select the page from My Pages, that you want to add a banner to. (My pages is located under the Pages dropdown on the toolbar).
  • Select Contents located to the right of the page name
  • Select Banner module from module dropdown located at the top left of the screen
  • Click Insert
  • Make you banner layout selections
  • Select banner or banners from the banner dropdown that you wish to display. Click Insert.
  • Save Changes
  • Click Publish
  • Select Preview to view the banner or banners displayed