Customers can upload artwork to your website two ways:


Upload Artwork Form

Franchisees have an Upload Artwork form that customers can access and use to upload any artwork file. The Upload Artwork form is linked to the SAR Store that the customer is locked into.

  • How to upload the artwork using the Upload Artwork Form.
    • Select Upload Artwork.
    • Fill out required fields: Name, Email, and choose file to upload.
    • Type in any artwork notes, special instructions, etc. that you might have in the Artwork Notes field.
    • Enter Captcha code
    • Click Send.


  • View and download artwork:
    • Select Form Responses from the Content dropdown located on the Navigation toolbar.
    • Here is where you can view all form responses.
    • To sort by type of form, For example Artwork form responses, type art in the search box located in the top right of the screen.
    • Click the Show Response link under Actions to view the artwork file.
    • Click on the artwork file link to view file.
    • You then can save/export the file.




View Artwork Placed with Orders

Customers can upload artwork while in the designer. This artwork is stored with the order. Therefore, to view artwork that is associated with an order, follow the following steps:

  • View artwork from order.
    • Select View Orders from the Ecommerce dropdown.
    • Click View, to view order details.
    • Select the Export link next to Fotolia Charge
    • Select File format from dropdown list
    • Export Artwork