• Solar Powered Signs

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Solar signs, enabling advertising in remote/rural locations and eliminating energy costs.

Display your brand day and night, no matter where you're located. Solar signs work anywhere and do not require a grid electrical connection. Capable of being installed the same as traditional signs or going mobile; a solar sign can be built for your needs.

Solar signs feature:

  • LED lighting
  • Multi-day energy storage
  • Automated on/off
  • Can be built to be mobile

Solar signs save you money:

  • No trenching required for installation
  • Can mount same as existing sign
  • No grid electricity means no electric bill - solar signs cost, on average, 75% less to operate
  • Years of virtually maintenance free service
  • Great warranties and long life expectances: 10 year LED life and 5 year battery life


Solar signs also have the benefits of:

  • Zero carbon footprint - This associates your company with social responsibility
  • Smart branding - Solar usage conveys a cutting edge image

Solar signs are versatile and are ideal for many applications. Specifically, solar signs, are suitable for locations that do not have access to the electrical grid:

  • Parks
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Rural and remote locations
  • Universities
  • And more

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Solar signs are made of materials and components that offer exceptional performance. Using industry standards for sign boxes and cutting edge technology, solar signs are the future of efficiency in advertising.

Technical specifications

  • Industry standard polycarbonate sign face with printed graphics
  • Industry standard sign box
  • Integrated controller for sign auto on/off
  • Energy storage for 3+ days of power without sunlight
  • LED lighting

Available Models

Traditional / Stationary

This sign model mounts in all the same ways a traditional stationary sign would mount but with the added bonus of utilizing solar power.

This model comes in a range of sizes from small to large and is great for rural location where utility electricity power is not an option.

Four easy ways to install:

Two-Pole, Monument Style, Single Pole/Pylon, Wall Mounted configurations


A sign ready to roll! Portable size and design makes this sign a great asset for when the show goes on the road.

Built using the same technology as the traditional stationary signs this model has been fitted with wheels for easy relocation.




Sports complexes and parks are a great application for solar powered signs. Generally located in remote or rural areas, the cost to provide electric utility power to these locations can easily surpass budgets for these types of projects. A solar scoreboard eliminates the need for utility power and continues to save you money by not accumulating monthly energy bills.



Please take a moment to watch a product video to find out more about this innovative product: