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Boulder Monument Signs

If you demand both style and functionality for your business or residential landscaping, Boulder Monument is for you!

Boulder monument signs are the perfect solution to help enhance your landscape or outdoor living space. We specialize in custom made personalized boulders for both residential landscape uses as well as commercial business signage. The main appeal of this product is its ability to compliment your existing landscaping while offering an eye appealing alternative to other products while greatly reducing costly maintenance issues.

Product Types

Water Feature and Planter Boulders

We never stop reaching for new design innovations. Our Water Feature Boulders and Planter Boulders are designed with ease of maintenance. Made of reinforced and enhanced concrete; our products can be completely customized to any size, shape, or color.




Commercial Sign Boulders

Turn your business into a landmark with a custom commercial sign boulder. Get your customers to notice you with custom made boulder signage for your business. Eliminate common ongoing repair issues that rob both your time and money. Best of all, commercial sign boulders are often allowed by zoning and regulations where standard signage is not. Let your customers know that you are a rock solid business by setting your name in stone with a custom made monument boulder; Made just for you.



Residential, Name or Address Rocks & Boulders

Set your name, or address in stone with custom made address boulders. All of our landscape boulders, large or small, are “made just for you” using color, size and shape that you envision to enhance your landscape. Our custom boulders are made of solid concrete, not hollow or shell built and will last a lifetime. You can pick from our “free standing” style or “sliced” boulders. All sliced boulders come with mounting hardware to ensure they stay in place right where you want them. Set up and placement is also available in areas whereever Signarama stores are located.



Our customized benches are available in four and six foot lengths. Our benches are a great addition to your residential or commercial environment. You can add our custom plates for changeable advertising and sponsorship for your business.




Custom Memorials and Monuments

Cherish the memories of your loved one or best friend forever with custom memorial boulders. You choose the size, shape, and color, then our design team will work with you to create a memorial that will provide lasting memories for a lifetime. We can even arrange to include a space for an urn if you wish. We can also provide pet memorials so you'll always remember your best friend. No need to worry if you move, just take your pet memorial with you.

Where can Boulder Monument Signs be used?

Boulder Monument Signs can be used for name or addresses, memorials, business signage, ranch and farm markers, schools, parks, subdivisions; anywhere that signs are desired or needed.

How are the Boulders made?

Boulder Monument Signs are 100% solid and made with our specialized processing equipment using specially enhanced concrete. There is no "hollow shell" within our products to weaken its strength. Depending upon the size and shape of your boulder, our average product weighs from 200 - 3,000 pounds and more. They definitely have the strength to last a lifetime.

What are the benefits in Boulder Monument Sign products?

Each Boulder is individually custom crafted using proprietary equipment, and designed around the content that the customer would like to appear on it. We provide everything needed to create that one-of-a-kind boulder made just for you. In addition, most of our business clients find that their boulder signage is often allowed by zoning regulations where standard signage is not.

How long will your boulders last?

Boulder Monument Signs need little to no maintenance when compared to plastic, wood, or vinyl signage and will outlast most any products that are available in the signage industry today. Boulder Monument Signs are an environmentally friendly choice over plastic or vinyl signage.

How long does the process take?

Once we complete the design process with you delivery of your new boulder generally takes between 3 - 5 weeks.