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Marketing Fund Board Members




Kevin McCord | Treasurer 812-537-5516 lawrenceburg@signarama.com Lawrenceburg, IN
Roger Robinson | President 972-361-0700 info@signaramadallas.com North Dallas, TX
Casey Valiant 812-477-7763 casey@signsoveramerica.com Evansville, IN
Kenneth Yancey 770-957-5913 kenn@signarama-mcdonough.com McDonough,GA
Betty Evans | Vendors 410-381-4324 betty@sarcolumbia.com Columbia, MD
Ian St. Wakefield 480-994-4000 ianwake@480-994-4000.com Scottsdale, AZ
Alicia Peregory | Coordinator 561-868-1486 aperegory@ufgcorp.com Corporate
Mary Mills | Corporate Director 561-868-1467 mmills@ufgcorp.com Corporate

The Signarama Website Advisory Board is a group of dedicated franchisees working to improve the user experience of both Signarama.com & the local community sites for individual stores. We work closely with the team at corporate and the website developers to improve the look, feel, and function for the user experience. Our discussions include; selecting products and setting prices to include on the site, along with troubleshooting functionality.

The website is part of your business! Your participation will impact what your customers see, how they interact with the site, and how much they pay. You do not need experience with websites or online stores to contribute to this group.

Currently the board is made up of the following individual franchise owners:


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