Make the Most at Your Next Golf Fundraiser

Spring is around the corner and that means golf! If you are one of many businesses or organizations interested in using golf as a way to fundraise, you’ve probably already been planning and working with a committee to make your next tournament a reality. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t open to reading a few helpful stats and tips on raising the most amount of money you can at your event. To start, did you know that there are over 1 million golf outings and tournaments in the US each year? On average, each event has about 80 players and raises just $5,000, with big events raising up to $300,000. The Golf Tournament Association of American looks at many of these large events around the country and has identified several factors that make the big tournaments as successful as they are. The bottom-line-most-important thing to remember? Give them more and they’ll give more. Think big and think autograph. Whether that means serving a five course meal including steak, soup and salad or giving everyone a take-home prize, you have to start big and you have to think impressions. Big Sponsors To get the big bucks, you’ll want to get big sponsors. Greater Giving offers advice on getting the big sponsors: “All companies want one thing: more business! Turn your event into a marketing tool for businesses. Like most golfers, most companies will pay you more if you give them more. They all want a return on investment. Develop sponsor packages that give your sponsors new business.” Quality Other ways to build atmosphere and get the most out of your event is to invest in quality. That might look like uniformity when it comes to branding your event. A great way to achieve this is through providing golf shirts for all employees to wear during the event. The golf shirts not only add to the golfing atmosphere, but enhance the event by adding color and an element of cohesiveness. Additionally, the golfing guest can identify the staff if they have any questions or help is necessary. Recognition And finally (although there are many more tips beyond these) you need to focus on gaining recognition. How do you do this? Make sure that you recognize your sponsor and supporters by providing name recognition on all promotional pieces including an event program. Are you looking for a vendor to support your promotional pieces and ensure that your event makes the impression, achieves the quality and provides the recognition important in generating the most out of your golfing fundraiser? Signarama has solutions! Contact us today to learn more on how we can support your event!