Keep it visible and legible.


Often times, LESS really is MORE! In other words, by keeping your message short, your sign is easier to see and read at a glance.


Save the details for the sale.


Don't attempt to sell them with information on the sign - save that information until they are in your business.


Keep it simple.


The proper design of your sign is critical to its effectiveness.

Crowding the sign with too many words or lines of text makes it impossible to read from a distance. Use as few words as possible so your signage is legible. Fewer words are better, and three to five words are optimal for quick readability.


Grab attention.


There should be something about the sign that will reach out and command attention. Ideally, the first read should be a large pictorial graphic or your company logo, but it can also be large dominating text.


Avoid obstructions.


Make certain the sign can be viewed without obstruction from any source. Drive past your business from all directions to help determine the most visible location for your sign.


Place it to be seen.


An attractive and well-designed sign will only be effective if it is placed in a location that optimizes its visibility to passers-by. Your goal should be to make the sign unavoidable to the passing viewer. In summary... Your sign will do many things for your business, from creating the initial impression to providing the message to new and potential customers about your products and services. A sign does this through a combination of light, size, text, construction, placement and more. Keep these design tips in mind as you design an effective sign for your business.