Frequently Asked Questions


Are custom signs & custom vinyl banners really cost effective?

The price points for custom business signs are well within reach for even the smallest size company. Custom signage and custom vinyl banners work like a silent salesman promoting specific messages to a target audience all year long. When people advertise using other media, a continuous capital outlay is required month over month without ever having the benefit of ownership. Custom business signs are a capital investment in the present and future of your company or organization. By calculating your actual return on investment, you can readily see why custom business signs routinely pay for themselves many times over.


How do I choose the most effective business sign for my company?

The first step to choosing the most effective custom sign for your business is to determine the exact purpose of the sign. For example:
•Where will the sign or custom vinyl banner be displayed? Inside or outside?
•Is the custom sign intended to be permanent or temporary?
•Will you be advertising your business, using the sign as an informational sign or direct traffic flow?
•Who do want to see your message?
•What is the viewing distance for the sign?
•How long will your audience have to view the sign?

By answering these questions, you will be well on your way to matching the attributes and characteristics of all the sign types available to fit your individual needs.

Think you're not good enough to design your own sign?

Many people jump to the conclusion that just because they don't have any training in sign design, they shouldn't even attempt it.
When you purchase custom signs or graphics, you are the one making all of the final design decisions?
You make all of the decisions regarding each and every aspect of the final Layout including:
•Background color
•Color of Text
•Text Effects such as: outlines, drop shadows, curved text, etc.
•Custom Artwork or Logo

Our job is to turn your ideas into reality.

What exactly are custom business signs?

"Custom Signs" refer to a diverse range of products provided by Sign A Rama. All business signs, image and identity products can be cost effectively produced to match your specific requirements. Design options for custom business signs and custom vinyl banners include simple, clean layouts to vivid, full-color digital signage. Clients have a virtually unlimited range of options to choose from. Highly specialized computerized sign making equipment has made custom signs readily available to small and large businesses alike. Specialty signage such as custom real estate signs and custom vinyl church banners help represent the variety of our product offering. The fact is, we offer just about every kind of business sign you can imagine.

Why your business should not be without a custom signs.

•One of the single most important reasons to purchase custom signs is for the survival and ongoing prosperity of your business. How can any business fulfill it's economic potential without the right type of signage?
•Historically, custom signs and custom vinyl banners remain one the most cost effective forms of advertising for any size business. Attractive signs can enhance visibility and increase your opportunity for success.
•Highly visible custom signs are considered a professional courtesy to those who need to quickly identify your business location in fast traffic.
•Signs introduce your business, products and/or services to all those passing by your business prompting first time visitors and orders.

Custom signs develop memory for your location and the products and/or services you offer encouraging a change from usual buying habits.

Will your decals withstand winter elements?

Yes. The sun is their worst enemy. Over many years the sun will work away at the decals causing them to eventually fade and curl. This usually takes at least 5 years and sometimes as much as 10 or more.