Public Notice Signs, Public Hearing Signs
Public Notice Signs, Public Hearing Signs

Sign A Rama Bolingbrook rents and sells public notice signs.  Very few sign shops rent public notice signs.  We do, and rentals provide big savings for you and our landfills.

Public Notice Signs are required to be posted when a property owner or tenant seeks a variance to a local (usually zoning) ordinance.  By law, the applicant must post a public notice sign several weeks in advance of a public hearing.  The individual village or municipality will usually provide specific text, and will advise you of the public hearing date and time, public hearing location, and ordinance for which the variance is requested.  These items must all be included in the public notice sign's text.  Text letter height is often specified as well.

Because of the significant amount of text and the required text letter height, public notice signs are made and posted on a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet.  Because of stiff midwest winds, Sign A Rama Bolingbrook makes public notice signs on 10mm white coroplast material, bolted with extra-wide washers into sandwiched dual-metal posts.  Installation is included in the price with every sale or rental of a public notice sign.  Take-down of the public notice sign, following the public hearing itself, is included in the rental price, but not in the purchase price.  Purchasers are responsible for making their own take-down and recycling or disposal arrangements.

Often the town or village does not give you much notice to get your public notice sign installed prior to the public hearing.  To service you faster than anyone in our market area, we keep a supply of public notice sign rental stock on hand.


A public notice sign rental is usually priced at $198.00 + tax.

A public notice sign purchase is usually priced at $298.00 + tax.

An additional charge for distance and/or soil conditions may apply.




Lawn Signs, Yard Signs, FSBO Signs, Promotion Signs, Candidate Signs, Garage Sal
Lawn Signs


The humble lawn sign can easily pay for itself many times over.  Take for example the simple Drive-Thru lawn sign below.

This well-known family-friendly restaurant has a drive-thru and a friendly, attentive staff, not to mention terrific food.  And while their sit-down business was humming along smoothly, their drive-thru business needed a boost.  So SignARama Bolingbrook created this simple directional lawn sign, and placed it next to the street’s right-turn lane.  The results?  A year-over-year increase in drive-thru traffic that allowed the directional lawn sign TO PAY FOR ITSELF IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK. 

The cars and the profits keep driving in long after the sign was paid for.

Lawn Signs can be used to drum up traffic for both re-occurring or unique events.

Sign A Rama Bolingbrook developed a 20 lawn sign campaign for the Bolingbrook Community Church to direct traffic flow from key local intersections to their now well-attended services every Sunday.  A year later, they're still using them every weekend!  See Gallery.

And for the Fantasy Sports enthusiasts, we assisted event organizers for their solo event at the Boughton Ridge Golf Club to fill the house with an eight lawn signs campaign.  See Gallery.

Use lawn signs to promote Garage Sales, Special Events, and even Political Candidates. 


Side Walk Signs, A Frame Signs, Dry Erase Signs, Portable Signs, Panel Change Si
Side Walk Signs, A Frame Signs, Dry Erase Signs, Portable Signs, Panel Change Signs


You'll see side walk signs just about everywhere a store or restaurant is open for business.  They're terrific for advertising specials, deals, close-outs, new arrivals, just about anything.

But why would an insurance agent want a side walk sign?  By law, they cannot offer discounts for insurance.

Everyone recognizes the “Good Hands” insurance people.  This shrewd insurance agent knew his market area well, hiring a bilingual staff and then ordered this simple side walk sign, mounted in a metal portable A-frame, then placed it on the shopping center’s sidewalk during office hours.  The side walk sign’s first day on the job drew in THREE NEW POLICIES, allowing the side walk sign to PAY FOR ITSELF IN JUST ONE DAY.  The agent was happy enough with the side walk sign’s performance that he ordered a TWIN SIGN and another portable A-frame two weeks later. 

Muy Bueno.


Real Estate Sign
Real Estate Sign, Open House Sign, For Rent Sign, For Lease Sign, Commercial Real Estate Sign

Choose from a wide variety of signs and frames designed to promote properties you want to sell, rent or lease!  With our state of the art digital printer, we are able to design vibrant, full color signs that will grab attention and bring in prospects for your business.  Our graphic design team can create signs for independent professionals or accommodate franchised companies' logos.

Thinking commercial properties?  We work with property developers and managers to design and install semi-permanent signs to help sell or help lease out office, industrial, medical, retail, and other types of commercial units.  


Magnetic Signs Bolingbrook, IL
Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs are popular because they are a budget-friendly way to deliver your message to a large audience. Our long-lasting magnetic signs are available in an endless array of colors allowing you to custom design the best look for your business whether you’re a mechanic, lawn maintenance company or a photographer.  


Neon Signs
Neon Signs, Open Signs, Electric Signs, Illinated Signs, LED Signs


From the standard open/closed sign to a custom message promoting your specials, ultra bright, colorful neon signs are a very effective way to get your advertising message noticed.


Neon provides the most brilliant signage light.  But now there's a softer, gentler, greener lighting alternative...LED's.

LED stands for "light-emitting diode".

LED's boast several advantages over neon:

LED's use 80% to 90% LESS ELECTRICITY than neon.  That's a savings that starts day one after installation, and adds up every minute the sign is illuminated thereafter.

Because LED's use less electricity, they also require FEWER TRANSFORMERS to help power them.  Because transformers are a maintenance item, this holds down maintenance costs.

LED's are known to LAST MUCH LONGER than neon.  While neon signs carry warranties of one to three years, it's not unusual for LED's to carry a 50,000 hoursor longer warranty against failure.  If a sign is illuminated 4,400 hours annually, that's more than eleven years under warranty. 

Over the last several years, the price of LED's has steadily declined to the point that an LED illumination system (including LED's, wiring, and transformers) price is fairly close to neon.  Add in the electricity savings and the maintenace savings, and you'll understand why LED's are the fastest growth section of the signage market.

Sign*A*Rama Bolingbrook regularly handles LED projects, from inexpensive indoor  single-line red or amber units, all the way up to exterior full color graphic image scene-stealing blowtorches.


Directional and Way Finding
Directional Signs, Way Finding Signs, Outdoor Directories


Directional & Way finding- For large companies, Directional and Wayfinding signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner.  Keeping your signs consistent and branded leaves a positive and lasting impression.

Woodridge client Graham Packaging engaged the services of Sign A Rama Bolingbrook to fabricate and install a comprehensive set of outdoor directional signs to direct delivery, outbound, and service vehicles to different destinations on the admittedly complex Graham Packaging property.


Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, Tenant ID Signs, Development Signs
Monument Signs, Pylon Signs, Tenant ID Signs, Development Signs


Monument signs are "statement" signs.  They make a statement about the property, the building, its ownership, and its management to the property's visitors.  Monument signs are important tools to help recruit and retain both customers and tenants.  They're one of the very first "image" impressions a prospective customer or tenant sees, and makes a silent evaluation about.

Monument signs can be made of traditional materials like brick, stone, concrete, wood and metal.  Today, materials like wafered aluminum compostites and high density polyurethane can create looks that rival the traditional materials, but cost only a fraction to make and install because of better technology and lighter weight.

To the traditional monument sign, a number of eye-catching electric illumination features can be added, including LED message boards, front-lit or back-lit channel letters, and illuminated cabinets.  Even ground lights can add a dramatic look to the properly-illuminated monument sign.

Ask us how to make an impressive statement while keeping tight budgetary control when considering a monument sign vendor.


Wood Signs
Wood Signs, Carved Signs, Sandblasted Signs, Classics Signs, Old Fashioned Signs


Wood signs are a classic sign industry standard.  Carved, routered or sand-blasted, these types of wood signs with raised lettering suggest a classic elegance.  Often seen in quaint tourist towns like Geneva, Long Grove, and Galena IL, and in the historic sections of communities like Bloomingdale and Schaumburg IL, these signs dress up any storefront.   For antique stores, doll stores, historic societies, museums, and restaurants, wood signs speak volumes about what's inside.

Now, new wood-like products that look like wood but are actually a lighter-weight and less expensive high density urethane, allow you to have the traditional wood look, even with a grained appearance, but with far less maintenance and at a lower cost.  HDU will not rot, peel, crack, or attract insects like wood, but can be routed, carved or sand blasted and painted in any color just like wood. 


Illuminated Signs, Outdoor Signs, Electric Signs, Channel Letters
Illuminated Signs, Outdoor Signs, Electric Signs, Channel Letters

Illuminated Signs

Outdoor Illuminated Signs can be divided into three major categories:

*  Light Boxes, also known as illuminated light boxes
*  Channel Letters
*  LED's or Electronic Message Boards.

All three share two common elements; they're internally powered electrically, and in most circumstances they require a permit to be
installed.  In many cases, a landlord determines what type of illuminated sign may be erected for the space you may be leasing, in 
order to provide a uniform appearance for his retail or commercial complex.

In order of signage evolution, illuminated light boxes were developed first, followed by channel letters, and most recently LED Message Boards.  So you'll often see older buildings and retail areas sporting illuminated box signs, while more recent commercial areas display channel letters.  LED Message boards are now becoming common signage for restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and shopping plazas.  Large private businesses with ample linear footage along major roads in areas zoned commercial/industrial, or in unincorporated areas, may also be permitted to erect them.

Typically, these signs are the least expensive of the illuminated sign types.  They feature an aluminum housing in a square, rectangular, 
round, or oval shape, with an acrylic face panel, to which colored vinyl is applied.  Inside, most are lit by commercial-grade 
fluourescent tubes, although some are lit by neon.  Compared to channel letter illuminated signs, illuminated light boxes are more 
versatile because when the business' identity changes, the only change necessary is a vinyl removal and replacement on the sign's 
acrylic face.  Maintenance can be less costly as well, because commercial fluourescent tubes and ballasts are generally 
inexpensive.  If placed at or near ground level, some maintenance can be performed by a do-it-yourselfer.

If you think about it, channel letters are really tiny illuminated light boxes made into the shapes of letters.  Like their light box 
cousins, channel letters feature aluminum housings and colored or white acrylic faces.  Internally, their illumination is the result of 
neon or LED's with voltage regulated by transformers.

How channel letters are mounted to buildings makes a big difference in their cost and maintenance profiles.  Channel letters can be 
mounted directly to the building (the more expensive and higher maintenance cost route), OR they can be mounted on a "raceway".
A raceway is a simple aluminum housing located between the channel letters and the building. The raceway contains the transformers and 
wiring for the channel letters, placing them outside of the building for easier maintenance access and easier mounting of the channel 
letters themselves.  Again, each landlord has his own rules for channel letters.  A quick view of channel letters within the commercial 
complex will tell you what the landlord allows.

LED stands for "light emitting diode".  It is the most powerful signage ever invented because it can deliver so much more than an
ordinary sign can.  Even the simplest LED message boards can contain and display over 100 messages in a continuous stream.  The more
powerful LED Message Boards display full color images and even video.  As such, an investment in a(n) LED Message Board should be
considered as much an ADVERTISING investment as much or more than it is as a SIGNAGE investment,

Like any new technology, LED Message Boards have been dropping in price over the last several years, even as they become more powerful.
Even so, they remain the most expensive signage type on the basis of square footage.  As an ADVERTISING vehicle, however, they are
among the LEAST expensive advertising alternatives when when meausured on a cost-per-thousand exposures basis over the number of years (decades?) that the sign will be functional.  Electric consumption and maintenance of LED Message Boards is quite low compared to the other illuminated sign types, thus providing savings and long, useful life in addition to message versatility.

Because LED Message Boards are so powerful and so good at what they do (attract attention and deliver ad messages), they are also more heavily regulated by municipalities than most other illuminated sign types.  SignARama Bolingbrook can guide you through the regulation and permit jungle that exists in every town and village's commercial building and development department.

For even more detailed information about how Outdoor Electronic Message Centers (OEMC) can benefit your business in the DuPage / Will / Cook county areas, please visit http://www.sarbb.com/services/service/13024  


Traffic Signs
Traffic Signs, No Parking Signs, Hadicapped Parking Signs, Directional Signs


Traffic signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists create everything from official to customized traffic signs.  What's more, we can do so in materials, colors, styles, and fonts that closely mimic official traffic signs.

Recently, we provided a NO OUTLET traffic sign in official-looking red & white reflective material, 18"H x 12"W to a homeowner.  His long, wooded driveway was being used by motorists as a mistaken shortcut.  He wanted the sign to be as official-looking as possible, such that motorists would think the city put it there.

Most traffic signs Sign A Rama Bolingbrook makes are for private parking, private roads, and private lots where truck and other traffic must be directed.  These are extremely helpful for transportation companies making deliveries and pick-ups.


Sign Repair, Sign Fix, Channel Letter Repair, Electic Sign Repair, Illuminated S
Sign Repair, Sign Fix, Channel Letter Repair, Electic Sign Repair, Illuminated Sign Repair

Sign A Rama Bolingbrook also repairs signs.  Sign Repair can be performed even for signs our company did not design nor install.  Sign companies occasionally move or go out of business.  If that happened to your sign company, please call us at 630-739-0110 and we'll do our best to fill their shoes.  Most of the time we can closely match materials, colors, and fonts.  Hail, high winds, traffic accidents, and vandalism can cause sign damage no one anticipated.  Here you can find the sign repair help you'll need.

Sign A Rama Bolingbrook recently installed outdoor dimensional letters for an office complex.  To do so, we matched the FADED color of other dimensional letters within the complex, as well as their style, size, font, and mounting technique.

Illuminated signs, such as channel letters or light boxes present a challenge most sign owners don't wish to tackle themselves, as illuminated signs are usually mounted twelve or more feet high and carry a strong electric current. 

Problem diagnosis is key. 

With an illuminated box, we'll diagnose if it's the flourescent tubes, the ballast, or the transformer that's non-performing.  In the case of the Love Fellowship Baptist Church, the fluorescent tubes were burned out (we replaced them), and the white acrylic panels were in desperate need of a cleaning (we cleaned it).

In the case of neon-illuminated channel letters, the problem could be a crack in the glass or welding of the neon tube itself, a faulty wiring connection, or a faulty transformer.  In any case, we can usually diagnose and fix the problem, and get your sign back into its selling and communicating mode. 

In this economy, it's critically important to keep signage illuminated and looking good.  An illuminated sign, if not repaired soon after a problem develops, begins to send an undesireable message to the public that passes the darkened sign every day.  Don't let that happen to your business.  FIX IT, before it begins to frustrate your customers and prospects.

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Outdoor Electronic Message Center, OEMC, Outdoor LED Sign 


Outdoor Electronic

Message Centers Increase



If You Want Your Business To Grow AT

LEAST 15%, and You Are Willing to Invest

Just $10 Per Day to Do So, You Owe It to

Yourself to Read On.


I recently met with a local business owner and his staff.  He recently replaced his old business identification sign with a new outdoor electronic message center (OEMC).  I was curious to find out how well it was working for him…was it drawing more traffic than his old traditional sign?


First, I asked his staff if they had noticed an increase in traffic as a result of replacing the old sign with the new outdoor electronic message center.  “Oh, yes, quite a bit.  We are getting lots more calls” they said. I followed up that question with the same one for the business owner, who proudly confirmed in detail the numbers and percentage of increased business he was experiencing.  Then he caught himself, and asked that I not reveal his “secret” numbers to everyone, especially competitors.  So I said I wouldn’t, and won’t.  But suffice it to say that his results were comfortably within the 15% to 150% business increaserange that a US Small Business Administration white paper* indicates its subjects reported after replacing a traditional static graphics sign with a new programmable outdoor electronic message center.


But don’t just take my word, or the word of the US SBA’s white paper.  I surveyed a number of EMC manufacturer websites to find testimonials that included several with numbers or percentages of business increase that OEMC owners themselves say can be attributed to their signage change, from old to new EMC.








Disclosure…Sign*A*Rama Bolingbrook is an independent and unbiased dealer for Signtronix, Watchfire, and other OEMC manufacturers including Mega Sign, Hyperion, Ads LED, Optec, and others.  Some elements of their selling and education materials are incorporated within this paper.  Sign*A*Rama Bolingbrook designs, retails, manages projects, and installs electronic message center signs.


There are ample reasons to consider replacing an old static sign that the public no longer looks at with an EMC.  And those reasons are listed elsewhere in this paper.  But, most importantly, any smart businessperson correctly FEARS making a major marketing investment with no guarantee of a return on investment (ROI).  So this paper focuses on HOW and WHY OEMC’s can generate a ROI unlike anything else the signage industry has to offer.  And how and why an outdoor electronic message center can and should pay for itself.


*   http://www.toaks.org/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=19507

Let me be even more blunt…and this is the most vital concept first….the more personal time you or a

designated person invests into the creative message-feeding of an OEMC, the bigger your ROI will be. 


If conversely you cannot or do not plan to feed and exercise this racehorse regularly, it will not win races for you.  Manufacturer and price will not matter in the end if the OEMC is not used effectively. 


So if you’re seriously considering an electronic message center, you should equally consider who will be responsible for message creation, (text, images, motions, colors, timing) and how often new messages should be created and uploaded.  The software is not difficult, so the effort as to what to say and how to say it should be your FIRST consideration, not your last.  Think about it and plan it.  So you’ll avoid what so many OEMC buyers experience.  They light it up, and celebrate, then they realize….NOW WHAT?  Instead, sit down and plan your first dozen messages TODAY.


It’s NOT Just a Sign….It’s an



It may look like a sign, be permanently anchored like a sign, permitted and regulated like a sign, and it may be sold to you and serviced by a sign company.  But that’s pretty much where OEMC’s leave the realm of signs, and they leap into the world of ADVERTISING.


So here’s Concept #1….Think of your OEMC as ADVERTISING, not as a sign.  Its corollary is

Concept #2 …. If your sign company cannot think like an advertising medium, then they should not be your EMC company.  Any sign company can sell you any piece of OEMC hardware / software the industry offers.  But to get the most out of your new racehorse, you need a trainer that can tell the jockey (that’s you) how to get the most horsepower out of the racehorse.  Sign*A*Rama Bolingbrook helps you and thinks like an advertising medium by providing messaging tips for free, as well as highly-effective optional fee OEMC programming (with your approval, of course).


Why is it advertising?  Because you can change and test messages with your audience as often as you want within the message change limits your municipality allows.  A municipal guide to OEMC’s is provided elsewhere in this paper.  You can also change colors and fade-ins / fade-outs somewhat like a video.  In fact, the more powerful OEMC’s play video, in full color.


When you’re showing photos and text and special offers and images and video outdoors on your own OEMC screen, it’s all ADVERTISING.


As the earlier testimonials attest, some owners found that because their new OEMC’s were driving more foot traffic into their businesses than other advertising media they used, it made sense to cut back those lesser-performing media, and to invest more into their better-performingmedia, their OEMC’s.  That leads us to Concept #3....If you’re budgeting to buy or lease (yes, you can lease with a buyout) an OEMC, you can comfortably use part of your advertising budget to do so, and don’t worry about doing it, because you’ll probably be trading lesser-performing media dollars in favor of better-performing media dollars.


So Since We’re Saying It’s ADVERTISING, How Does an OEMC’s Cost Performance Compare with that of Other Advertising Media?



We all hate assumptions, but it’s necessary to intelligently assume in order to make the comparisons.


  1. We’re using cost-per-thousand-exposures (CPM, an advertising industry standard measure) as the cost comparison basis
  2. The CPM of an OEMC is based on a 10-year amortized life span (even though it should last much longer), and a reach of 20,000 per day (IDOT Traffic counts for local roads are provided elsewhere in this paper).  We also assume an OEMC purchase price of $36,000 (relax, it’s just an assumption, and that includes a base with cabinet for support, protection, etc.  You can get them for less.)
  3. The OEMC operates 24-7-365 using $0.20 electricity daily



COST PER 1,000 IMPRESSIONS, Localized Media  (these vary considerably by market)


Billboard                      $1.50 - $2.50              

Newspaper ¼ page      $5 - $7            

Google PPC                 $0.75 - $1.50 and can be much more

Radio  :60                    $2 - $4                        

Co-op Mailer               $2 - $3            

OEMC                         $0.50


With these assumptions, the OEMC would cost just $10 per day to own and operate.   So if the business just cleared an additional $15.30 per per day for 240 work days per year, the OEMC will have paid for itself. The OEMC should be able to do that, and so much more.  If you’re a landlord with tenants, you can make A LOT OF MONEY knowing these numbers, because as a media owner, you'd set the price for advertising on your media.


Why OEMC’s Attract Attention Much Better

Than Traditional Signs


  1. The message CHANGES regularly, and viewers are naturally curious about things that change.  This is where creativity can build a powerful ROI.
  2. The CHANGE INTERVALS themselves are attention-grabbing, because no other kind of sign does that.
  3. The COLOR is different than that of ordinary signage, and it is particularly powerful in non-direct sunlight, or darker conditions.
  4. The overall impression is akin to that of a movie, television, computer, or even phone screen.  It’s how we all visually process so many everyday communications messages today….on a screen.


What You Need to Consider Before Asking

Sign*A*Rama Bolingbrook for a Quote for an



You will need to consider all of the following issues before askingHOW MUCH WILL IT COST:

  1. The type and number of messages you’ll want to display.  Think content, content, content.  How long will messages be?  Think in terms of number of letters or words per line.  Shorter is better.
  2. Who will provide your OEMC’s content, and how often?  Is it you, or will you pay someone to do it?  The actual message inputting is easy, mostly WYSIWYG.  Creating your messages…mixing text with images…takes some time and practice to become highly proficient.
  3. What restrictions will my village/municipality place on my OEMC’? Tools to help you with this are provided below.
  4. Will my OEMC meet its ROI goals?  Tools to help you with this are provided below.
  5. How will my OEMC be housed?  You still need site identification, and some municipalities and villages regulate the size or proportion of the OEMC relative to all other elements of the OEMC’s housing.
  6. Will my messages feature more than text, numbers, and symbols?  If you want images to appear, how clearly defined must they appear (and from what distance)?  Image clarity is defined by dot pitch.  The smaller the dot pitch number, the sharper the image will appear, and the more expensive the sign will be, for signs of equal size and color output.  For most applications, a dot pitch between 19 and 26 will work well.
  7. Knowing both #3 and #4, how far do I want my messages’ visibility to appear, and for how long?  In two directions or just one?  Below is a table illustrating the speed vs letter height vs visibility issue that will help determine the SIZE of your OEMC unit:


Chart Courtesy of Grandwell Industries Inc.


Character Size

Max. Viewing Distance

Max. Viewing Time (seconds)3





25mph / 40kph

35mph / 56kph

45mph / 72kph

55mph / 89kph

65mph / 104kph

































































































































Many of the industry’s websites feature a lot of statistics about their OEMC’s.  Don’t worry about any of that until after you’ve worked through all 7 of the much more important issues above. 




MOST IMPORTANT:  Figure Out Your Audience Size… Number of Vehicles Per Day per IDOT, Multiplied by 1.1 (to account for 1 passenger for every ten vehicles).






IL 83

I-88 and 63rd St.

74,800 – 60,500

IL 83

63rd St. and Bluff Rd.

49,500 – 34,100

Archer Ave ( IL 171 )

IL 83 and I-355

25,600 – 13,800

Ogden Ave.

Belmont Ave. and I-294

39,300 – 38,000

Ogden Ave

I-355 and IL 59

38,800 – 30,900

Maple Ave.

Belmont Ave. and College Ave.

29,300 – 24,100

Hobson Rd.

Belmont Ave. and Washington St.

32,600 – 18,500

75th Street

Cass Ave. and IL 59

47,400 – 35,300

IL 59

Ogden Ave and I-55

69,000 – 34,100

College Rd.

Ogden Ave and 75th St

21,000 – 16,000

IL 53

Hobson Rd. and 135th St

38,300 – 20,400

Lemont Rd.

75th St. and I-55

39,700 – 34,400

Woodward Ave.

63rd St. and 87th St.

22,800 – 19,500

Cass Ave.

55th St. and I-55

32,800 – 28,500

63rd St.

I-355 and IL 83

30.700 – 17,600

Plainfield Rd.

IL 83 and Lemont Rd.

27,300 – 20,600

Renwick Rd.

IL 53 and I-355

26,500 – 14,900

US 30

IL 59 and IL 7 (Renwick Rd.)

37,100 – 20,900



If your arterial is not listed above, it has not been measured nor published recently by IDOT or some other traffic count authority.  But you can reasonably guesstimate by likening the total number of lanes (2 or 4) and the primary directional flow (E-W or N-S) to form a guess.  For example, Boughton Rd. between IL 53 and I-355 shares the same number of total lanes (4) and travel direction (E-W) as 63rd Street, so their traffic counts shouldn’t be too dissimilar.


Why the range?  Because of major intersections between the listed points.  Some traffic turns off, some turns on, some does not.


OK, Traffic is Good.  What Else Should I Know?


Below are the primary regulations relating to OEMC’s according to Municipalities and Villages in Chicago’s southwest and west suburbs. IMPORTANT NOTE:  You CAN request a variance via a public hearing. In tough economic times, receiving such a variance might be easier than during boom times. 




Outdoor EMC’s Allowed?

Restricted to Business Types

Other Restrictions

EMC Sq. Ft. vs Cabinet

Message Changes / Min Message Length




Hours of operation.

Proximity to similar EMC’s.

Max. 60%

1 second / 5 seconds




No animation.

No legibility beyond property line.

Max. 20%

1 second / 5 seconds

Downers Grove

Currently not permitted








380 foot street frontage and 6.5 acres minimums

Max 50%

1 second / 5 seconds




Special Use Permit Required







Max 50%

? / 10 secs.





Max. 32 sq feet

? / 60 mins.




Text & Numbers only.

Single color w / black backgrnd.

Dimmer control.

Max 40%

1 second / 30 seconds




Sign may not change color. Must not be near stoplight.



Burr Ridge

Currently not permitted








State St. & adjacent only.

Amber only.

Proximity to similar EMC’s

Max 25%

1 second / 3 seconds




Red or amber only. Proximity to similar EMC’s.

Max 25% to 50%

1 second / 10 seconds




Must occasionally show time, temp, other info.

Proximity rule.

Dimmer control.

Max 50% and 24 square feet total

2 seconds / 8 seconds

Crest Hill









Subject to annual fee






Hours of operation.

Max 60%




If your business is in a city or village other than the above, call us at 630-739-0110 or email us at info@sarbb.com.


But I lease commercial space.  I can’t put up

an OEMC.


Don’t fret.  You still have two very viable options:

  1. Make your landlord and other tenants aware of the information we’ve shared with you.  Perhaps other tenants are thinking like you.  Perhaps your landlord is considering, or has considered an OEMC for the property.  If enough tenants agree that it’s a good idea, perhaps a group conversation with the landlord will lead to a positive outcome.  We know of one landlord in Bolingbrook considering an OEMC for his property and his tenants right now.
  2. Indoor Electronic Message Centers (IEMC) can function as small-scale laboratories.  They cost a tiny fraction of their outdoor counterparts, and are subject to far fewer restrictions, including the fact that in most municipalities, they are subject only to “percent of window coverage” rules, and most IEMC’s fall far below those percentages.  If not used to display messages to passers-by, they can display messages to patrons already visiting the business, informing them of specials, new arrivals, seasonal close-outs, etc. and can thus increase business without having to draw new traffic.  A well-documented track record of an IEMC’s impact could help persuade a landlord of an OEMC’s desirability.


This is a Great Concept.

But We Don’t Have Thousands Of Dollars to

Pay for This Right Now.


That’s true for almost every business right now.  But OEMC’s are still being obtained.  How?

Many businesses are LEASING their outdoor electronic message centers for several hundred dollars per month.  And at the lease’s end, they’ll own the OEMC outright by paying just one dollar extra.

Leasing makes sense because it keeps monthly expenses low while the sign’s revenue-generating power ramps up over time.  It also frees up many thousands in cash now, which can be used for many other business purposes.  Sign A Rama Bolingbrook works with several leasing companies that can have you driving an OEMC much faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


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