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SignARama Bolingbrook designs, makes, and applies ready-to-apply vinyl to glass windows, glass doors, and vehicle windows frequently.

But did you know that vinyl can also be safely applied to nearly any kind of wall or floor as well?  It's an outstanding substitute for wallpaper, with the enormous advantage that it can be totally customized to accommodate text, images, graphics, symbols, even enlarged or giant photos taken with a high resolution camera.  Anything that can be digitally-printed can be customized into vinyl for glass, vinyl for interior walls, vinyl for exterior walls (even brick and stucco!), and even vinyl for floors covered with tile, linoleum, vinyl, or wood.  Unlike wallpaper, vinyl is totally "customizable".

Unlike wallpaper, vinyl for walls and floors is applied dry.  No drips, no mess, no glueing step.  As long as the wall is "sized" the drywall can accept vinyl just like it accepts wallpaper.  The only difference: allow about a one inch margin of unprinted vinyl around the outside border to allow the vinyl to adhere properly.

Special vinyl designed for walls can even be repositioned and removed without chemicals, without steam, without tools, and most importantly, without damaging the paint or underlying drywall. This makes landlords happy.

Just introduced to the market by 3M is a digitally-printable vinyl that can be applied even to rough and tough exterior surfaces like stucco, brick, concrete, and even some types of stone.  There are even vinyls that can be applied to flooring surfaces that resist damage inflicted by pedestrian traffic, even wet shoes, and boots.  These vinyls can turn any wall or floor into something truly special.

In the event you do not wish to apply these vinyls yourself (and the bigger the job, the tougher this could be for the do-it-yourselfer), Sign A Rama Bolingbrook offers installation service to give each job a truly professional (and 1-year warranted) outcome. 

Label, Decal, Custom Labels, Custom Decals, Short Runs
Label, Decal, Custom Labels, Custom Decals, Short Runs


We can create virtually any size or shape of label or decal you might need, up to 50" high or wide in virtually any length you might need!  Printed on our state-of-the-art digital printer these are high-resolution, high-quality digitally-printed labels and decals that are durable indoors and out.  Not affected by rain or water, and even some chemicals, decals and labels are not only washable, but durable.  For extra color and surface protection for longer life in even harsher environments, labels and digitally-printed decals can be laminated in-house.

SignARama Bolingbrook produces both oversized labels and large decals for industrial and distribution companies where the quantities needed are typically 2,500 or fewer.  We are well known in the Bolingbrook area as an excellent "short run" custom label and custom decal supplier for manufactruring and distribution companies of sizes of 1" x 1" and larger.  Because they are digitally-printed, custom labels and custom decals can even be sequentially-numbered.  This makes SignARama Bolingbrook the ideal choice for designing and fabricating short but traceable and trackable label runs, as well as test market quantities.



Vehicle, Car, Truck, Van Lettering and Wraps, Vehicle Magnets
Vehicle, Car, Truck, Van Letering and Wraps, Vehicle Magnets


Vehicle, Car, Truck, Van Lettering and Wraps can make an unexpectedly large and positive impact on your business' leads and traffic.

Did you know that as you drive and park your car, truck, van, or vehicle each day, that it will be viewed 9 million times in a single year?  Other than your own building signage, vehicle letter signage and wraps can be the single most efficient and effective signage decision you can make for your business.

Skeptical of that number?  We researched it and we verified the traffic counts along the local main roads as provided by IDOT.  We were stunned.  And then we thought... how many of those 9 million vehicle viewers are carrying cell phones with them?  ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ONE in each car, truck, or van has one.  That means almost every single one of those 9 million that sees your vinyl-lettered truck or car or vinyl-lettered van has the potential to call YOUR NUMBER when they see it.  But you gotta have lettering or a wrap on your vehicle for it to be seen.

This is a true story:  As his van was being vinyl lettered, and just moments after his phone number was applied to his work van, a plumber client of ours received a call from a woman THAT WAS WATCHING THE VINYL LETTERING PROCESS FROM HER TOWNHOUSE WINDOW.  Her call, and the resulting plumbing job, paid for the cost of the van lettering.  Now that's a powerful sign.  It's in the vehicle vinyl picture gallery below.  It's not an artistic prize winner.  Just a simple, straightforward, and inexpensive vehicle graphics treatment.  AND IT WORKED JUST GREAT.

Think about it.  Truck, car  and van lettering and wraps create not just vehicle signage, but a mobile billboard for your business  It's a silent salesperson that never takes a break.  We know a business that lettered an older van and parks it right next to the street all day long so traffic from both directions will see it.  At night, to keep the landlord and law enforcement happy, the vinyled vehicle is moved out of sight.  The next morning it's parked back by the street, attracting views from 40,000 motorists each day.

A local costume shop goes one step further each Halloween...they attach two giant banners to each side of their beater van promoting costume sales.  Does it work?  They do it every year.  So it must be working.

So when can we turn your plain vehicle into a silent yet powerful salesperson for your business, or into your business' mobile billboard?  When you consider the potential pay back, vehicle vinyl signage could be one of the smartest advertisng dollar decisions you'll make.


SignARama Bolingbrook is located just north of the I-55 interchange with IL-53 (our 226 N. Bolingbrook Drive address IS on IL-53).  The IL State Police have been looking for correct DOT information and its placement on your truck.  If the DOT vinyl lettering is not the correct height or visibility, you could be pinched for a lot more than the cost of the vinyl.   You can GET LEGAL HERE with a new or replacement truck vinyl DOT ID number.


SignARama Bolingbrook has just made available a new vehicle lettering service whereby WE CAN COME TO YOU to remove and/or replace vinyl on your vehicle or vehicles.  This is a huge money-saver because it will keep your vehicle or fleet in service longer.  No need to come to us...we'll come to you.  Call 630-739-0110 for details.


A potential client recently requested a wrap for an ATM Machine.  Another asked for a wrap for the gas tank of his motorcycle.  Truck trailers and RV's are outstanding surfaces for lettering and wraps. 

Wraps are preferred when:

* You want to not just get attention...you want heads turned

* You want big images, logo and text

* You want side and back windows covered with perforated, see-thru vinyl

* Your vehicle has curves, like a Chevy HHR, or a PT Cruiser

* Your vehicle has rivets you want covered.  Wrap material is much more pliable around rivets and curves than vinyl lettering material.


If your budget is tight, or the vehicle you want to letter will not be in your possession for much longer, consider vehicle magnets as an alternative to more permanent vehicle lettering.  They're inexpensive, can be custom-shaped, and can be removed or re-placed on the vehicle as circumstances warrant.  Vehicle magnets are also great for short term events like weddings and political campaigns.  So now there's no excuse for not having your vehicle lettered!


Dimensional Letters Interior, Dimensional Letters Exterior, 3D Letters, 3D Numbe
Dimension Letters Interior, Dimensional Letters Exterior, 3D Letters, 3D Numbers


Dimensional Letters are individual letters formed out of plastic, wood, foam or metal. They have a 3-D, dimensional look that lends depth and character to your sign. Non-illuminated themselves, they are most commonly used in lobbies, stores, offices and professional services interior applications. When illuminated with track or other front-lighting, they provide a look of distinction and success. When made with the proper plastic and metal materials, they are very durable outdoors as well. Available in a rainbow of colors, and most basic fonts, Dimensional Letters are an excellent solution for a first class, professional looking sign, whether placed Indoors or Outdoors.

Sign A Rama Bolingbrook recently added a CNC router to its equipment and capabilities. This technology allows us to make CNC routered 3D letters, 3D numbers, and 3D characters in-house for mounting to walls, doors, and other surfaces.


Channel Letters
Channel Letters

Channel letters are a type of dimensional letter often used on store fronts and other large buildings.  They are 3-dimensional, usually consisting of an acrylic front with a contrasting trim (or body) of the letter made from aluminum.   Channel Letter are normally illuminated, using either neon or LED's and the lighting source.  For more detailed information about channel letters, see Outdoor Signs, and scroll down to Illuminated Signs.