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Signarama President "JT" Jim Tatem

Partner with Signarama and grow your business!

Does selling more than $700,000 a year sound good to you? *

Our average store sales are that high because with Signarama, you have access to more customers and national accounts, national advertising & marketing and the sign franchise online ecommerce portal to receive paid orders anytime of the day or night. Now is the time for you join Signarama and take advantage of our proven systems, strategies, network of suppliers and advanced technologies.



Signarama can help you grow your business while cutting expenses.

  • Franchise Fee as low as $24,500

  • Capped Monthly Royalty Fee

  • National Advertising Programs

  • Full Marketing Support

  • Ongoing Industry Education

  • Cutting Edge Equipment

  • Exclusive Vendor Savings

Signarama Franchise Upgrade“Converting to a Signarama franchise was a great experience for my business partner and I.  We are able to take advantage of their successful systems and support.  As an independent store the cost to advertise, create an online website and online store were cost prohibitive.  We were not able to offer those conveniences to our customers as an independent company."

"The automated point of sale system allows us to be more productive with fewer mistakes while allowing our sales staff to get a job into production without coming back into the office to drop off job paperwork.  The Signarama marketing and vendor assistance allow us to streamline our operation and get more customers in the door which in turn has created larger profits."

Logan Lane, Signarama Tallahassee, FL



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* “It has been our experience that having a full time outside sales person is an essential part of a successful marketing program and it is now a requirement for new franchisees to hire an outside sales person prior to commencing their Signarama business. The results of the study for the year ended December 31, 2013 set forth below are based includes franchise owners: (1) who had been in business for two (2) full years prior to January 1, 2013 (2) reported gross sales for each of the 12 months in 2013 and (3)reported gross sales of $300,000 or more during 2013 and (4) advised us that they employed a full-time sales representative during 2013 who was not an owner of the business.
For franchise owners who met the criteria listed above, their aggregate gross sales for 2013 were $111,617,759 and their average gross sales of their Centers during the twelve month period from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 was $754,174. The number of Centers who met this criteria in 2013 and were used in this study was 148. The 148 centers represented 36% of the 410 Signarama Centers operating in the United States during 2013. The number of these Centers whose sales attained or surpassed the average gross sales number was 45 or 30% of the Centers used to calculate the average.
Your actual results may differ from these results depending on a number of factors including the type and quality of products and services you offer to the general public and the sales marketing efforts you make. Written substantiation of this financial representation will be made available to provide to you upon reasonable request.