Whichever level of ownership is the right fit for you, you can be sure that you will receive the highest level of training and support available through the Signarama system.

Every global franchisee, whether a Master Licensee or otherwise, receives the same attention as our domestic owners. In fact, we have created a program tailored to fit the needs of those from other countries interested in Signarama.

The program involves several key steps to help you get started:

Industry Discovery Tour

Industry Discovery Tour

Those interested in becoming a Master Licensee for Signarama are invited to our world headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida to tour the facility and learn the basics of the signage industry. In addition, they will have the opportunity to tour local Signarama franchises and talk with existing owners.


Recon Mission

Reconnaissance Mission

After the initial Industry Discovery Tour, representatives from the world headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida will travel to the interested country to finalize the Master Licensee’s location and meet with suppliers.




Master Licensee training includes the same as all new franchisees plus additional training specific to their needs including individual training from the world headquarters’ staff members on topics varying from financial planning to supporting a franchise system. After one year of franchising, the Master Licensee will return to the world headquarters for additional training including hands-on field support and franchise sales training.


Flagship Store

Flagship Concept

The pilot location is typically the first Signarama location in a country and is owned and operated by the Master Licensee. As part of the process, we encourage our Master Licensees to operate the location for at least one year. During this time, the Master Licensee will gain a better understanding of the business and beginning putting an infrastructure in place for when they are ready to begin franchising.