About Fireball Run

FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is the most epic live destination based road rally competition in America. NOT A ROAD RACE- To navigate the route and score, teams may use anything (and anyone) at their disposal to solve clues, and accomplish missions. Clues incorporate history, road side points-of-interest, attractions, brands, even pop-culture; anything in relation the team’s geographical location. The emotional journey and life changing experience streams live to an audience of nearly 2 million viewers. The live series is also produced as part of a popular cult film series.

Child Rescue NetworkPlot Outline

The battle of wit and grit continues in FIREBALL RUN: American Frontier, the latest sequel in the award-winning FIREBALL RUN motion picture series. An action-adventure film chronicling the emotion and intensity of 40 rally teams as they compete in the most unique, and life-changing motoring event in America- the FIREBALL RUN. To navigate the country they use more brain power than horse-power to solve clues and accomplish missions. All while aiding in the nation’s largest recovery effort for missing children. Camera operators successfully capture the drama, comedy, and magnitude of the 2200 mile 8-day journey from Frisco Texas to Independence Missouri.

Next Adventure: America's Frontier

September 26th - October 4th Frisco, Texas to Independence, Missouri.

Fireballers pioneer the legendary former Republic of Texas & the Louisiana Purchase; starting in Frisco, TX., then onward to Camden, AR., Ardmore, OK., Enid, OK., Bentonville, AR., St. Robert, MO., Sedalia, MO., and finally finishing to a red carpet spectacular in Independence, MO. Special Celebrity Drivers to be announced. FIREBALL RUN is an epic 8 day, 14 city, 40 team, 2000 mile life-sized trivia game and America is the game board. To navigate the route and score, teams solve clues based on history, science, nature, theology, and pop-culture- virtually anything in relation to their geographical location. All while in a Race to Recover America's Missing Children.

Signarama is a proud sponsor of this event and will be wrapping the Fireballers' vehicles, on location in Frisco, TX!