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Custom Digital Directories

Let’s face it, standard static directories are ineffective at best. A simple name and room number plastered on the wall using hand-picked numbers and letters that can easily find their way into the trash bin when you’re not looking. A limited number of characters often wind up with multipurpose uses such as an ‘M’ turned upside down for a ‘W’ and when you run out of options names can be ‘short-handed’ or even misspelled. This outdated signage just doesn’t stand out. A Digital Directory empowers you to offer even more!

Raising the bar

At Signarama we are here to raise the bar on what your Digital Directory can do. Our philosophy stands that directories should be portals of information, a gateway so to speak. They should be easy to understand and easy to manipulate. Changing powered digital directory is as simple as changing a spreadsheet on your computer.

Unlock the full potential

Signarama unlocks the full potential of your directory with added functions such as advertisements to pull in extra streams of revenue, promotional and information media to inform viewers of company related facts or advice, videos, current weather conditions, and even news or sport feeds from your favorite source right on your digital directories. We can even make it interactive with the touch of a finger, displaying photos or contact cards for each personnel on the list.

Digital Directories

No Parts/Pieces to Lose

With everything digital and on screen there are no pieces to lose, just update the spreadsheet and you’re ready to go!

Active News & Weather Feeds

Active weather feeds display current conditions and forecast conditions for your local area.

(Optional) Touch Screen for Enchanced Navigation

Optional touch screen interface allows for increased functionality and enhanced navigation. Passers-by are able to navigate where they want by sorting through the directory alphabetically, numerically, etc… Touch screen allows interaction with the viewers which offers much more than a standard sign/billboard.

Digital Photo Contact Cards & Advanced Descriptions

With interactive functionality, viewers are able to press on any name to view more information about that individual or office. You can add photos and biographical information to inform everyone with more. It also helps to see who you are looking for before you find them.

News, Sports, and Stock Tickers

You can stream your favorite News, Sports, or Financial feeds directly to the screen. Most RSS feeds are supported along with optional MRSS allowing you to stream video directly from certain news providers.