Channel Letter Signs

Channel Letters are individual, often lighted dimensional letters. These attention-getting electrical signs are sometimes mounted directly to a building wall or fascia, and sometimes mounted on a raceway. A raceway is a metal box that contains the wiring for the channel letters and is often favored by landlords because it does not require as many holes to be drilled into the building for mounting.  Raceways are often painted the color of the building so the individual lighted letters appear to be mounted directly to the wall. Non-illuminated channel letters are also available for locations that don't require visibility at night.

Call us to:

  • Design your artwork.
  • Format your existing logo or artwork to wall size.
  • Measure your space to provide you with the best channel letter set that conforms to your building and business' needs.
  • Handle shopping center sign codes and city permitting for you.
  • Discuss your options for lighting your sign with energy efficient LEDs or neon.
  • Fabricate and install your sign with our experienced install team.

Eco-Friendly Options:  Discuss ways to retrofit your existing sign to energy saving LEDs.


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Channel Letter Sign Gallery

  • Channel Letters with White Outline
  • Channel Letters with Graphic Fade & Logo Can
  • Channel Letter Sign with Logo Can - Night View
  • Channel Letters with Dimensional Tag Line
  • Channel Letter Sign with Full Color Logo Box Night View
  • Channel Letters Day View
  • Channel Letters on Raceway
  • Channel Letters on Box
  • Channel Letters on Raceway with Logo
  • Red Channel Letter Sign