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Start Planning for the Holidays

Although it’s technically still summer until Sept. 22, Labor Day is considered the unofficial start of fall — which means people put away their white pants and sunscreen, and realize there are only four more months in the year. The days will go quickly, and since you don’t want to be worrying about “last-minute” signage — and perhaps paying a premium to get it — there’s no time like the present to get going on signs you’ll need for upcoming holidays.

When It Comes to Powerful Signage — Less is More

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with signs is trying to put too much information on them. When you have just moments to make an impression, which is typically the case, you’ll get the most bang for your buck, so to speak, by communicating your message as succinctly as possible.

Proofreading Matters!

If you were producing a big report or responding to a request for proposals, it’s likely you would ensure one or more individuals checked the copy for typos, grammar errors, and anything that doesn’t make sense.

It’s Summer — Time for Banners

While we San Diegans are blessed to live in a place where the weather is good year-round, even here, summer has a distinctive feel to it — and people are apt to be out and about more than they are during other seasons.

Signs and Marketing: A Winning Combination

If you believe the only reason to have signage is to identify where your business is located, you’re underutilizing its earning potential. Signs can and should be an important part of your marketing plan, and at a minimum,

Signs of Summer

Although the official start of summer is still a few weeks away, with the calendar turning to June, most schools already out and baseball season heating up — many people already have a summer mindset. What does that mean with respect to your signage? If you’re smart, you’ll reflect the season in your new signs, or perhaps tweak those that already exist in a nod toward this more relaxed time of year.

Tips for Retail Signage That Drives Traffic

Retailers are always trying to differentiate themselves and drive traffic into their stores — and one of the best ways to do that is through signage. The retail experts at Colliers International offer the following tips to achieve great retail signage:

What Font Should I Use?

As a layperson, it’s not expected that you have vast knowledge about different fonts and their relative merits — it’s our job as sign professionals to educate you on your options. However, it’s never a bad idea to understand a little about the important things that should be taken into consideration when choosing fonts for your signs.

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Signs

Imagine driving past a shopping mall that didn’t have any signs indicating where its stores are located. Or a row of businesses with no signs to tell you what’s where. Signage is critically important to all businesses, but especially those that depend on attracting customers to them.

No Time Like the Present to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

Ah, spring — the season of reinvigoration. Flowers bloom, trees don leaves again and the days get longer and longer. This season is always a good time to start something new, as people seem more optimistic and forward thinking after the winter months end — so why not add some “spring” to your signage.